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I can't wait to get started! Simply copy me in emails about scheduling meetings and I will find the time slots that work for everyone. I will also manage the invites. It's like autopilot, seriously.


No sign-in, no password, no download, all you do is:




Just cc me in your emails and I'll schedule and reschedule your meetings.


Smart Insights (Coming Soon)

I'll always keep you updated on how the business is performing.

Get AI superpowers in your life.

"Lumi, setup a meeting for us for next week for 45 mins"

"Please setup a time next Monday morning"

"We need to go over the product plan sometime next week. Lumi - help us find a 90 minute slot "

"Lumi - please find a time for us on Thursday this week"

"Can we meet this week to discuss options for the launch event?"

"Lumi, setup a meeting for us for next week for 45 mins"

Get your own personal assistant with AI superpowers.

Our Team

Meet the humans

Kriti Sharma


Kriti has led AI and product teams at Sage and Barclays. She was named Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017 and has featured in 500 media articles in the BBC, Forbes, Fortune, FT etc. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of St Andrews.

Matthew Sant


Matt has previously led platforms and products at Sage Pay and Ocado. Matt has a Masters degree in Software Engineering from University of Oxford. He has won various global hackathons and has developed patent-pending technologies.

Tom Samodol


Tom has over 17 years experience and successful track record in incubating, scaling, fundraising, spin-offs and exits in the technology sector.

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